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an update.. just for the reccord :P [29 Jul 2004|01:33am]
Recently I have achieved shodan.
It feels like a big responsability and i have to work realy hard prove myself worthy.
It is again the beginning!
Until now i was learning the basis i needed to train, now its for real!
But i haven't felt clearly yet what does it means to be shodan, i think/hope to gain conscience with time.

thinking about responsability, reminded me of a text i have read a couple of years ago in my dojo.
It's nice, thought i should share it :

o/ Ninpo Ikkan !
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yosh o/ [25 Apr 2004|11:12pm]
[ mood | tired but happy ]

well well.. this weekend went by too damn quick! its true that when we are having fun time flys!
today budo taijutsu seminar was excelent. i was way more motivated and everything went better! ^^ unfortunatly Peter had to return to england in the afternoon an so the training was only during the morning.. althou tired, i felt like training more when it was over.
when i got home some friends from the university envited me to play baskett! i went of course.. my mom told me it was not good for my knee.. well could be, but even so i had to go! realy felt like playing!
i used an articulated knee pad for extra stability thou!
i had lots of fun but my team lost!
we were playing nicely ( 9 - 9 ) till a girl from our team got injured in the foot and had to stop. she left and another girl from the other team left too. from that point it was total rape! in the end it was like 11 - 27 ! ;_;
i'm a lousy player.. and the other two guys in the other team played nicely! i haven't played basket since highschool.. it felt good!
i think that with a little bit of training i might play ok! i feel that now.. in highshool, during PE i never did!
well, i'm way to tired to write more.
take care

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ninpo ikkan [25 Apr 2004|12:18am]
[ mood | happy + tired ]

today was the first of a two day seminar held by shihan Peter King! and it freakin rocked.. it's on Gyokko Ryu Koshijutsu!
Gyokko Ryu is the oldest school in bujinkan budo taijutsu. it dates from the 12th century and it has lots of chinese influences. it has very circular movements! i love it!
yesterday i cut my beard. and now i kinda regret it. i'm not geting used to my 'old face'! :p i'll post some pictures later...
as soon as i'm in mood to install photoshop and edit them!
going to sleep because tomorrow is a brand new day.. with more techniques to study!
oyasumi nasai minna!

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[22 Apr 2004|10:32pm]
[ mood | tired ]

i didn't got to lunch today.. had to run from university to the rehab clinic for the last session.
i've slept a bit and i woke up with a terrible head ache.. now that i had dinner i'm feeling a little better!
i'm thinking about cuting my beard off!
there's a lot a of people telling me i should.
and my instructor likes it, he likes to grab and push it O_o !

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[22 Apr 2004|11:07am]
I just got to the university!
I'm 3 hours late ^^; i overslept!
I'm gonna have one class and then i'll have a presentation.. aint that nice!? :p
Now for the good part! this weekend i'm having a budo taijutsu seminar given by shihan Peter King from england ^^; ( he's a 14th or maybe already 15th dan grade instructor.. he's realy realy realy good :] )
I'm gonna spend 100 euros.. (still missing 20) but we are few and that's why it becomes so expensive!
ja ne minna o/
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what bloody ever [20 Apr 2004|12:53am]
[ mood | dooM ]

didn't went to classes today because neither i was feeling like it and i didn't wake up at time!
my parents came back today.. my mom was very pleased at me at first because i had cleaned the whole house and stuf.. but when i told her i was gonna have training she god upset. i still dont understand why she has to hate everything i like! but ok
Tomorow i realy have to go to classes.. so i'm off to bed!
just steped by to say hello and stuff!

fun with tenugi!Collapse )

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feeling better! [19 Apr 2004|01:36am]
geez.. was i tired!? O_o i fell asleep on the couch the very first minute i layed down, and my legs ache because i was in an unconfortable position!
i think my father called me, but i can't seem to remember if i realy talked to him or if it was just a dream!
tomorow will(!?) be my first day of school. i'm still considering on going.. i should but i don't know if i will!
i'm mighty hungry.. i'm off to cook something to eat!
o/ ja ne
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[18 Apr 2004|07:03pm]
[ mood | tired / sleepy ]

yosh! o/
just came from sesimbra !
had budo taijutsu class there.. it must have been like 6 or 7 hours. and i only slept 3 yesterday.. i'm so freakin tired!
and because nobody told me i didn't knew that there were no restaurants arround.. so i didn't take any food with me.. fortunatly my friends got me something to eat!
it was nice but too intense, and in the afternoon i was realy sleepy. if it weren't for the pain i would have proly fell asleep!
well.. i need to go get something to eat.. and maybe rest a little!

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[18 Apr 2004|02:19am]
i'm not updating regulary again .. i haven't felt like it, because i've been kinda low lately!
not feeling like doing shit, basicaly my life the last week has been getting up late and going to rehab (or not) and then eating something and haning arround on the pc or watching tv and not being able to sleep until 6 or so..
yesterday was no diferent except for the fact that i had to clean the whole house ( that's right.. my parents will arive from s. pedro do sul this monday, and i rather surprise my mother by the positive, so that she can't tell me how useless (she thinks) i am! )
Althou tired i still didn't got to rest until 5 ( still got some shit eating my brains! )
Today i woke at 8:30am and went help my instructor moving some stuff form his old house to the new one!
That was hardwork.. only left at 8pm and went to my aunts birthday dinner party.. got one hour late .. but that was ok!
After that, and since i was nearby i went to Francico's place!
hang arround for a while..
We watched an episode of turtles (old series) on the tv and it was so freakin bad.. the portuguese subtitles.. jeez they translated cassey jones to puto maluco [crazy kid].. and they were being atacked by electric apliances O_o wtf!?
After that i ate, or tryed to eat, a japanese candy that Francisco ofered me!
It's ok.. but it has an odd flavour, and so I still didnt finished it yet!
We played DBZ budokai 2 and it freakin' rocks! i laughed my guts out!
When i realized, it was already too late[and i had only one chance of catching a train], but fortunatly Francisco's mom brought me home! ^__^
I dont get it! i dindt rest almost nothing and im not feeling sleepy, i just have sour muscles in my arms!
But tomorow i will certainly be. i'm having budo taijutsu training.. all day! xD sugoi!
i have to be in front of the dojo at 8:30am and i'm still here!
And boy.. this was a lot more than what i expected to write!
I should go to sleep.. but i dont feel like it..
well.. bye!
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[14 Apr 2004|01:13pm]
[ mood | not apathetic, a pathetic fool ]

Just woke up *yawns* !
I couldn't get to sleep for at least until 6 am.. there was too many crap going on my mind! i'm getting again that feeling that my life has been slipping through my fingers.. i'm letting time pass and i'm not going nowhere.. and the worst thing is that i'm aware of all this and still i dont do shit to change it!
i could say "oh well!" and "aww life's a bitch" and all that sort of crap, but that would mean that i would be acepting it.. i dont want to do that.. but i do!
i'm sick and tired of not finishing up what i start. for instance school is not going that well this year.. it's a little bit better this semester but i'm on vacations for almost 2 weeks now and i havent studied shit yet, and i know i should.. it's not that i dont want to.. i just dont feel like it! but i should feel like it because i know that if i dont do this now, it'll be a lot harder later! but school aint everything.. *sigh*
well i'm off to take a shower..
i have to do something positive today for a change ( no i'm not talking about taking a shower.. that i do everyday -.-; )

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yay ! [12 Apr 2004|07:29pm]
I'm back from S. Pedro do Sul. It was nice but kinda boring!
I took some pictures but i left the digicam with my parents, so i think i'll post them later or so.
I got to relax from rehab and that was nice because 3 hours per day is realy tiresome. i did some stretching thou!
The trip back here took lots of time.. i miss my dad's driving (and speeding)!
I promise i'll try to read all your posts.. but not right away for that now i am going to the budo taijutsu practice HELL YEAH!
take care you guys
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[08 Apr 2004|01:43pm]
[ mood | yeah yeah ]

well.. i'm leaving now to s pedro do sul! [saint peter of the south haha.. its funny because i have to go north!]
anyways.. ill be there until monday!
it's gonna be boring but sunday it's my mom's birthday so i have to go!
sayonara bye bye!
take care

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É Hoje! É Hoje!!!! [05 Apr 2004|06:58pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Hiya !
Just came from the rehab clinic.. boy am i tried.. and sweating like a pig!
I have the (almost) greatest news! The therapist told me to go to budo taijutsu class today.. to see if i could (probably) manage!
I'm realy happy.. i missed practice a lot!
Well.. i'm too happy to be writing right now !
Just wanted to share this with you..

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[05 Apr 2004|05:40am]
[ mood | feeling better ]

O_o wow it's already 5:15 am!
I have this 40 gigs hardisk that i brought home from the company i was working in some months ago, and it was wrecked.. it took me lots of time to fix it! but it was working just fine.. till yesterday!
today i woke up and when i turned my pc on.. i had a bad surprise! the disk was wrecked again!
I runed hdd regenerator [an app that recovers bad sectors] again and i fixed the disk, but the data was lost.. i had most of my mp3 and other stuff that i liked in it!
I paniked!!! O_o
But fortunatly i found this realy leet program [getdataback] that recovers lost data.. and i got to recover my music and stuff.. i think there is about 40% of data that i could not recover.. but its ok! i dont even remeber what it was.. so it shouldn't be anything that important at all!

Apart from all this stress the day was pretty cool.. i went to have cofee with brokenbeat and other friends.. and later on i went out with francisco and some other friends of his!
Got home at 2am .. had dinner (again!) and started the recovery process.. now that i have finished it i have to finish a report to deliver tomorow.
ok.. i am quite irresponsible. i should have finished the report first.. but i was stressing about the lost data! =p

well.. i gotta start working or else i wont get to rest jack shit!
Bye ^^;

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[03 Apr 2004|02:52pm]
I had a report to deliver on friday and.. thursday night i was trying to finish it when all of a suden my computer started to reboot just like that!
I insisted some times but it rebooted every time after a while!
So i shut it down and went to bed.. and at 4am i woke up because the damn thing had turned on by itself [the bastard] and was doing consecutive reboots and lots of noise.. had to shut down the ups because the switch was not responding!
In the morning it was dead!
The motherboard was wrecked!
Fortunatly my dad got me a new one.. and now i can finish the report and deliver it on monday!
I had to install the operative system and all the software again thou.. =\

My parents went to S. Perdo do Sul today.. i'm gonna be alone for the easter holydays.. yay o/ =p well at least most of it!
I'll join them on next thursday and i'll stay there until sunday for my mom's birthday!
I have rehab so i couldn't go.. but i'm glad.. its rather boring there.. there is nothing to do! I used to play tennis there.. but this year my cousin is not going.. and even if he was.. i couldn't because of my knee!
I thank god my pc is working again.. it would be fucking boring to be here by myslef without computer..

Today i'm going to my aunt's house! my aunt's godmother who lives with her.. she turned 94 today and so there will be a party.. and sort of a family meeting.. it's gonna be boring.. but i told my aunt i would help and stuff.. so i have to go!
And besides i prolly get to be with my cousins.. i dont see them for quite a while.. so i shouldnt be that bad!
Well.. i'm gonna have lunch and then i'm off..
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[01 Apr 2004|10:51am]
I am at university right now.. should be having SO1 (operative systems 1) but i don't feel like going to classes!
I'm tired.. i've been feeling realy sleepy lately.. and i am sleeping a lot! for instance on thursday, i slept form 11pm to 8am plus a little bit in the afternoon just before i went to the clinic! i had rehab for about 3 hours.. its natural for me to feel tired but not sleepy.. i don't understand!

Yesterday was a nice day.. had lunch in a japanese restaurant and it was realy nice, although i ended up spending more money than i intended to.. now i still have to renew my id card and i'm pennyless!
In the afternoon me and francisco went to the japanese embassy and picked up the material (go boards and stones) for the GO workshop!
We went to universidade nova to set the boards in the auditorium and get everything ready.. damn it was heavy stuff! i'm not used to lift heavy things anymore..
At 18:30 the workshop begun.. there was so many people.. much more than we espected! I was nervous.. but it kinda went well :]
We watched a hikaru no go episode and then explained the rules and helped people to play! It was nice!
Because we had to pack up the material and stuff, i only got home at 22:30! i was very tired and still had some work to do.. but ended up not doing it because i fell asleep!

I had a wierd dream last night.. and now its coming to my mind that in that dream i could move with no restriction.. i could run and jump and i was ok.. i'm starting to feel depressed because my knee is not [and i doubt it will ever be] ok!

well.. i'm outta here
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[27 Mar 2004|02:20am]
[ mood | kinda fckdp up with life and shit ]

had an appointment with my doctor today! she wanted to see how things were going.. she was surprised how much i had recovered in 9 rehab sessions. she said i had 0.5 cm of muscular atrophy, wich aint much and told me to do more rehab to tonify the muscle!
but she said i could not do nothing that involves a lot of jumping and runing..
i took for granted that i was gonna be ok.. that made feel realy sad!
my fellows in the university played basketball today.. i went to SEE them PLAY.. that made me sad too.. :\
had 3 hours of rehab today.. i'm soo tired !!
the therapist told me to try to run a bit in the weekend.. to see if i was able or if i had any pain.. im thinking in going tomorow when i wake up or after lunch.. hope i can do it.. because today felt realy weak! damn it .. damn it all to hell.. :|
enough posting about my stupid knee..
the rest of the day(and i could say week as well) was pretty much dull.. school.. eating and sleeping!

+++ GO WORKSHOP +++<
Next wednesday, 31th of march .. me and Francisco will be presenting a workshop on Go.. the japanese board game.
It will take place at 'Universidade Nova' [av. Berna] on the auditorium number 2 at 18 o'clock!
everyone's invited! lol
We presented it last year too.. so.. it has to be better this time!
Unlike last year, we will have to pick up the go boards and stones at the japanese embassy ... but its no problem at all!
Well anyways.. if you are interested you are most welcome :]


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:P [25 Mar 2004|03:32pm]
[ mood | moodless ]

Hi! Just the regular hey-i-am-alive-and-here-is-what'is-going-on post!
I skiped a few classes this week, even thou i am actualy going to bed early i just can't get up at 6:15am !
This tuesday, because i went 2 hours later, i had to walk from 'cais do sodre' to 'marques de pombal'. the subway was not working because aparently there was a bomb threat or so!
I could take a bus thou.. but i didn't feel like spending more money!
And it's good exercice for my knee.. i hope!
Rehab is going ok. yesterday the therapist seemed surprised with the results.. i hope that the 4 sessions that i have left do the trick!

Time flys swiftly like an arrow.. i'm not training for more than 3 months now!
I could have the MRI done on the 31 december.. but nooo.. i decided to go near 'serra da estrela' with my cousins instead.. and i have prolly screwd up my knee a little bit more while i was there... and then i only got to do the MRI on the end of januray!
i'm soooo stupid!! damn it.. i could be ok allready !!
Of course that if i had the surgery done sooner, the things that happened in the meanwhile would have never take place.. even those things that did not happened! and just for those it has worth it!

Easter hollydays are coming hurray :p!
My mom wants to go to a thermal spa in 's pedro do sul' because the threatments there are good for her health.. i went there for like, 4 years in a row or so.. it's so damn boring there.. i'm not going this year!
My mom doesn't want me to stay in lisbon by myself.. she already started telling me that because of me she could not go and bla bla bla...
A few years ago i would prolly feel bad about it and go.. but i got used to this sort of emotional blackmail, so i dont care anymore! why should i ?she can go if she wants to.. im not holding her here..

well.. nothing more to declare.. almost time for rehab.. ohh the pain ! :p bye bye

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[21 Mar 2004|12:22am]
[ mood | right now i dont know, but i was ok a while ago ]

I went out with some friends today.. it was nice.
I met demonzey and seeker_kun at chiado at 12am
Then we waited for kalash and misau.
then we had lunch, that was when arived and a bit after joined us too as well!
There is a begger in the subway that goes by with a metal cane and a ruler doing this mad rythms and asking for money.. as he went past us today me, gajaviril and demonzey started to dance.. - -; it was fun but kinda bad to make fun of him.. because he is blind! but then again .. as they say 'what the eyes can not see, the heart can not feel'(not necessarily true, but works for this situation)!
We went to colombo and hang there for a while and then we took seeker_kun to the train station and we met eldereddas

Then i got home.. had dinner and stuff.. and am tired/bored as hell and dont know why!
Not feeling like writing more..

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[19 Mar 2004|10:07pm]
[ mood | apathetic ]

Hi.. just to say hey!
Classes were ok this week, im starting to feel that i might have good grades this semester.. it looks kinda easy, but then again i'll have to study for the last semester ones too! gawd i hate dat!
rehab is going ok as well. i'm feeling a lot better now.. today was kinda painful but i am able to climb down stairs again!
next week its gonna be hardwork.. i have to do my best to get fit as soon as possible!
well i dont have more to say.. or i dont feel like saying it..

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